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Dual Services

Our goal is to make your hands free, and therefore to give you more time for your business.

Our clients are self-employed persons, small and mid-sized companies. We provide accounting service even though you are or not a subject to VAT.

The quality of making of tax returns, accounting records and payroll records is our standard. The success of the effectiveness is based on a quick communication with clients. And you save your time.

Complete accounting administration

If you are a company or turning from tax records into accounting and you want to save money and time. We are capable to help you with complex accounting services. It is only up to you to set our service. Sometimes, you prefer to ask for a help whether this document should be included in your accounting or not. You have to watch all deadlines or you would like to make your accounting clear. From now, it is our business. We take over everything and you can focus only on your business. We offer regular consultations or sending of results on week or month basis. You can check your accounting 24/7 via online system. 

Accounting and tax records

We provide managing of tax records for sole trader. Do you need to save your time for your business? Do you prefer outsourcing of services? It is our pleasure to help you. We manage digital or paper documents. You send or give us all documents and we take care about the rest. You can set a frequency of sending results on month or week basis. We will watch all deadlines for you. We love to meet our clients and have a consultation about their tax records or accounting. Our services are provided with an individual attitude.

Tax returns

We take into account that accounting includes income tax returns by individuals and corporate income tax return, as well. This part of services is naturally connected with a statement of social and health insurance, in case of sole trader and, on the other hand, a commentary, a balance sheet, a profit and loss account from the company‘s point of view. We can also help you with other kinds of VAT returns, such as road taxes or asset declarations, etc. Our services are offered for both long-term and „one-time“ clients.

Payroll administration

We are aware that you have employees. It is a lot of work that takes a lot of time. Therefore, we would like to help you with payroll administration. We are capable to help you with one employee or dozens. Our services include everything from an application, a withdrawal, up to an annual reconciliation, within an annual reports.

Communication with offices

According to our experience, the communication with offices is one of the most sofisticated issues. We can help you to overcome this kind of obstacle. We provide communication from sending emails, through calling, up to meetings at the office, such as Tax Office, Social Security Authorities, Health Insurance companies and so on. We also offer assistance with inspections.

Economic and accounting advisory

Apart from daily accounting, we individually consult your case in order to make your business even more efficient. We advise you about making of strategies of your accounting. If you ask us we help you with documentation. We do our best to make your accounting clear and easy.

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